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those projects you haven’t seen lately…

I decided to frog the hoodie. The yarn really wasn’t playing nice with the pattern and I felt like I was going to be disappointed with the finished product. I am going to try it again with yarn that was … Continue reading

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A quick sock update

Mostly to boost my own morale, here is another sock update. Friday-type goings on will commence shortly, so I must be quick! Yay! I have turned the heel and started on the cuff. It’s a little tight in the instep, … Continue reading

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Busy weekend…

This weekend has been super-crazy, so I haven’t really done much knitting. However, just to prove that I’m trying to keep knitting my sock, here is photo documentation: Sorry for the odd light, the lamp makes everything look that color. … Continue reading

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An FO/Katie’s Birthday

I finished the New York Hat that I was making for myself! I was having a hard time taking a picture of myself, so the second picture is a bit blurry… Pattern: New York: A Guy’s Wool Hat by firefly … Continue reading

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Santa Cruz

Here are some photos of the completed hat (santa cruz, knitted with Berrocco Peruvia). I made it for my friend Amy, who is leaving to study abroad in England for the semester. My hand is in the picture for scale. … Continue reading

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life vs. knitting

From now on, the rule is that I don’t promise to knit anything for anybody until I know exactly how insane the coming school semester is going to be. See, I love to give presents. Too much. However, in spite … Continue reading

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Socks and biscotti.

I really, really want to like knitting socks. I have tried. I am trying again now, and I think it’s working… Today I ripped back to where I began the chart on the Summer Daze socks and started over. This … Continue reading

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