you’ve heard this before, no doubt…

It seems that blogging takes away some my precious knitting time. Usually this is not a problem, but recently I have had very little spare time so knitting had taken precedence over blogging for the time being. I have some pictures, but they will have to wait until Monday when I return from North Carolina. (I’m going on a retreat with the ladies from my church!)

In my absence, please amuse yourselves by checking this out. That one is my favorite, but you should see the others too. I was actually laughing out loud!


About Jessi

I'm married. I'm a mom of two. I love dogs and almost all other animals. I like to think about things for a long time. I like all crafts (except scrapbooking. ugh.) I like running. I like cooking and baking. I analyze everything. I stress out too much. I like coffee. I love having a husband that tells me to chill out. I'm thankful for a God that loves me in spite of my many failures.
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