Lillehammer completed

This was a really fun project once I got over the intense frustration of making the entire hat wrong and having to start over. I was going to give it to Ryan for Christmas, but I’m so excited about finishing it and it looks so pretty I want to give it to him now! I guess I’ll wait, but it’s going to be hard. Maybe I should just go ahead and wrap it as soon as it’s done blocking, that way I can’t change my mind!

The second image shows the finished hat blocking on top the warm dryer (the only place it will ever dry). My first try is beside for comparison. I like my second much bettter. You can’t tell very well from the picture, but the hat on the right is way huge and it isn’t even blocked….



Speaking of Ryan, he has a cold and went to bed at the super-early hour of 8:00. I am amazed.

About Jessi

I’m a busy homeschool mom who gets distracted by art projects and knitting.
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