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knitting meets art

I have been so slack in my posting… But oh well. I have been up to a lot of things. Tomorrow happens to be my 20th birthday, too. Fun times! For one of my art classes I have to do … Continue reading

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this is late…

…but I found a sweet picture of us with Ryan’s family. I believe it was taken on Christmas Eve. from top left: Ryan, me, Andy (Ryan’s brother), Tiago (almost-brother from Brazil), Mary Ann, and Joe. There were no pictures taken … Continue reading

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The moral of my ode is this:

“Beauty is twice beauty and what is good is doubly good when it is a matter of two socks made of wool in winter.” excerpted from Pablo Neruda’s “Ode to My Socks” (Here in it’s original Spanish, which is much … Continue reading

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I didn’t realize how long it has been since my last post. Sorry, the holidays seriously wore me out. (Not bad stuff, just really tiring good stuff!) Excellent news: I finally finished my Summer Daze socks! These are my first … Continue reading

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