new art and a lizard

I just discovered that I can upload a series of photos at the same time and do this little trick called “insert gallery” and it puts them all in nicely and neatly as you can see above. (click for full-size!) The drawing was for my final critique in my advanced drawing class. I’m bittersweet about finishing this class. I probably won’t have the opportunity to take this class from Dr. Price again (the professors rotate teaching that class every year) and I really enjoyed her teaching demeanor. She is very encouraging and inspiring. I feel like I explored some artistic areas that I had been putting off for a while. I want to post a series of all twelve thematic drawings that I did for that class. Obviously, my theme was knitting and how it connects people.

About the lizard: My six-year-old sister, Katie, caught a lizard today while I was visiting over at my parents house. I just took a picture because I thought he was cute. In the background you can see that I was knitting Katie’s tank top.

Today was the last day of classes for the summer. I only have two exams next week, so there should be a lot more knitting content around here in the near future!! Yay for summer!!


About Jessi

I'm married. I'm a mom of two. I love dogs and almost all other animals. I like to think about things for a long time. I like all crafts (except scrapbooking. ugh.) I like running. I like cooking and baking. I analyze everything. I stress out too much. I like coffee. I love having a husband that tells me to chill out. I'm thankful for a God that loves me in spite of my many failures.
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One Response to new art and a lizard

  1. ryan says:

    lizard! every sunday afternoon my friends and i would go out and catch lizards in my parents’ backyard wood pile.

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