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Katie’s sweater

Katie’s sweater is finished! You might remember the one I made her last year. I just realized that I finished that one almost exactly a year ago… totally unplanned. Anyway, that sweater was worn and loved (almost to death) and … Continue reading

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Christmas? I’m ready.

Well, I’m almost ready anyway. Almost as in a little more than halfway done knitting the three billion things I promised people this year. (I’m such a dummy.) The point is, I finished another Christmas gift! It’s a great feeling … Continue reading

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broken camera

As the title says, my camera is indeed broken. This is very unfortunate because I have so much to show you all. (well, not SO much, but something, anyway…) I finished the little, pink kimono I was making out of … Continue reading

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I finally finished the pinwheel baby blanket that I’ve been working on FOREVER. It got so huge near the end that I was having to pull and tug it around the cable. (ugh) It was so worth the trouble, though, … Continue reading

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