Burp cloths… lol

I’ve been sewing a lot recently. A few weeks ago all the flannel at Hancock Fabrics was 50% off so I bought some.


And I made…. burp cloths. Glamorous, I know. They are really cute burp cloths, though. I wanted to practice sewing and I thought they would be an easy practice project. (Those are tiny, cute mushrooms on the printed flannel!)

dscf0033 dscf0034 dscf0035 dscf0039-1

My stomach has reached a most uncomfortably large size. I’m really ready to have the baby now. Fortunately, the end is near: my due date is Monday. It can’t be long now. I’ve found that it is really hard to take a decent picture of one’s stomach that is isn’t terribly embarassing, but I want to document it so I won’t forget. I’m not sure if i’ll believe it was actually as big as it is after it is gone… This picture is sort of ok, but I’m still only posting the smaller size.


Not much going on knitting-wise except a pair of socks in panda cotton. I thought I would hate the yarn as it is a cotton-based sock yarn and I vowed never to knit with one of those, but I’m actually enjoying it a lot! I think the elastic in the yarn makes all the difference in the world. Maybe they won’t be so warm that I can only wear them in the dead of winter… South Carolina needs to be a little bit colder.


About Jessi

I'm married. I'm a mom of two. I love dogs and almost all other animals. I like to think about things for a long time. I like all crafts (except scrapbooking. ugh.) I like running. I like cooking and baking. I analyze everything. I stress out too much. I like coffee. I love having a husband that tells me to chill out. I'm thankful for a God that loves me in spite of my many failures.
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2 Responses to Burp cloths… lol

  1. Eliza says:

    I LOVE the burp cloths! I’m sure you’ll be very happy to have them, and they are super cute!

    Can’t wait to hear about the baby!! The end (or beginning, really) is near! yay!

  2. Sarah says:

    Those have to be the cutest burp cloths I have ever seen. It’s funny that we all care so much to have cute baby things when they will just be covered in spit up. Hehe.
    My mom actually got me some of that flannel and I love it!! I can’t believe Hancock actually had something that cute.

    Praying for you!!

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