More about the baby

There hasn’t been a ton of knitting going on during the last two weeks. Actually, there hasn’t been much of anything going on besides lots of diaper changing and nursing and lying around dazed and exhausted. In spite of all the trouble, I’m finding motherhood extremely exhilarating. I think my baby is the loveliest ever. Pardon me while a share a few of my favorite photos.

Two of my good friends, Amy and Mandy, made this quilt for Edda.

This is Edda about to leave for her 1-week checkup. (She’s yawning, not crying.)
olly and edda

Edda and Oliver having some bonding time.


Edda wearing her socks that I made.


Edda and her daddy taking a nap after we came home from the hospital.

edda (aka brunhilde)

Edda wearing her viking hat.

ryan is a snuggly man

Napping with the cozy pinwheel blanket. (That has been the most-used FO so far!)

Ok. Sorry for the picture overload… We’ve pretty much been taking pictures continuously since the birth. Edda was born on Thursday, January 22nd after a grueling 25 and a half hours of labor. We had decided to have a natural birth, but after 20 hours or so, I started having serious second thoughts about that decision. Fortunately Ryan, my Mom and my labor coach were there to help me get through the last five hours without getting an epidural. I’m really glad I stuck with my decision. Even though it was the hardest thing I’ve ever done, I wouldn’t change it. Ryan was really awesome through the whole thing and I feel like the experience really brought us closer together. Tomorrow Edda will be two weeks old and I’m feeling almost back to normal. (except for some unfortunate stitches. ugh.) She is such a little bundle of cuteness.

As far as knitting goes, I finished some ankle socks in Panda Cotton (Trail Mix colorway) and I’m now working on some socks in a turquoise, brown and gray colorway of Austermann Step. I also made a pair of fingerless mittens for my sister, Olivia.
trail mix socks DSCF0041

Next time I post I will hopefully have some sewing to show off! I turned 21 on January 29th and I bought a cool new sewing book with some birthday money. (This book. It is very inspiring.)


About Jessi

I'm married. I'm a mom of two. I love dogs and almost all other animals. I like to think about things for a long time. I like all crafts (except scrapbooking. ugh.) I like running. I like cooking and baking. I analyze everything. I stress out too much. I like coffee. I love having a husband that tells me to chill out. I'm thankful for a God that loves me in spite of my many failures.
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One Response to More about the baby

  1. Eliza says:

    She is precious!! I love the photo of her with the viking hat on, it’s really amazing. I’m so impressed that you have time (and energy to knit, too!)

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