apple cake, applesauce, thrifting, and knitting.

As you may have guessed by our title today, I have been pretty busy lately. On labor day, we drove up to Skytop Orchard and stocked up on apples (Honeycrisp. Delicious and great for baking.) and fed a lot of goats. I have been making a lot of apple things since then. We still have enough apples left for about 5 more apple cakes or a few quarts of applesauce, but I’m thinking it’s time for something different. Fortunately, there seems to be no shortage of lovely apple recipes.
ryan and edda at skytop orchard

apple cake (mmm)

cinnamon applesauce

My mom’s church had a big rummage sale last weekend and I got to sift through the stuff the day before and pick out some things to buy. I found a great knit top that I’m planning to make into a dress or skirt for Edda and a wool sweater that has a little moth-eaten but I’m pretty sure that I can still make these awesome slippers out of it if it turns out to be felt-able. I also found a nice, handknitted lace shrug that is almost Edda’s size! It’s acrylic, but very well-made. The stitches are very pretty and even… somebody put a lot of care into making it. It makes me wonder about the history of handmade things that end up in rummage sales. I hope none of the things I make ever end up there!

yard sale shirt 1yard sale shirt 2

yard sale sweater 2

yard sale shrug 2

stitch detail of shrug 1yard sale shrug 1

I feel like this post is getting a bit out of hand… we’ll wrap it up quickly with just one more photo.

This is a sweater that I’m making for MYSELF. I’m really jazzed about it, actually. I haven’t knit a sweater for myself since the first sweater I ever made. And that one wasn’t really a success. This one seems to be going a lot better. I must have gotten better at knitting in the last three years… Haha. What a surprise.

eucalyptus sweater

The yarn is a new one to me: Bamboo Ewe by Debbie Stoller’s Stitch Nation. The color is “eucalyptus.” I think it’s a little darker and greener in real life, but my camera doesn’t seem to capture it just exactly right. I’m going to have to wait until after the baby is born to try this on because it isn’t maternity-sized…. it’s going to be so hard to wait! At least it will still be hot around here for a long time. (ugh)

The pattern is the very-popular percentage system sweater from Knitting Without Tears by Elizabeth Zimmerman. (Seamless yoke sweater, maybe? I always forget what it’s called.)


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