In which I recommend a book and tell you about tuna melts.

Hi ya’ll! Betcha thought I was never coming back. Actually, this is not the longest stretch without an update that this blog has ever had, so maybe you didn’t think that. Anyway…

I thought I’d pop in briefly with a life/knitting/cooking update. My “little” Walter is getting positively enormous. 23 pounds or so at 6 months. for real. I dress him in 18-24 month clothes. I have been really lazy with my knitting and crafts in general, probably because I received a kindle for Christmas and have “re-kindled” (har har) my love of reading. I have been reading a whoooole lot, which brings me to one of the main points of this post.


I just finished reading a book called The Winter Sea by Susanna Kearsley. It’s a half historical fiction, half present-day novel. It’s not a thinking book, just good entertainment. It’s romantic, but in a sweet way. (not a cheesy romance novel!) Anyway, I’m no good at describing books, so read the amazon description and reviews if you’re into a sweet romance and some entertaining historical fiction like I am. Also, the kindle edition is currently available for $2.99 on amazon’s “sunshine deals.” I always feel so weird recommending books… hopefully none of you will read this and hate it and then shun me forever.

Second main point of this post:

tuna melt deliciousness

This is a tuna melt. I have never had one before now, which may sound crazy, but it’s the truth. This recipe for tuna melts is incredible. I want to eat hundreds of these. The tuna salad even has sweet pickles in it (which I hate) and I still love this. The recipe came from The Pioneer Woman’s cooking blog. I have to say, that woman can cook! Here’s the recipe: Tuna Melts.

I made the following minor substitutions because of not having all the right stuff: regular mustard instead of dijon and canned diced green chiles instead of jalapeños.


About Jessi

I'm married. I'm a mom of two. I love dogs and almost all other animals. I like to think about things for a long time. I like all crafts (except scrapbooking. ugh.) I like running. I like cooking and baking. I analyze everything. I stress out too much. I like coffee. I love having a husband that tells me to chill out. I'm thankful for a God that loves me in spite of my many failures.
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One Response to In which I recommend a book and tell you about tuna melts.

  1. Amy McCravy says:

    Mmmmmmm. I just bought english muffins today on a whim (and a sale), and I think I need to try these.

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