a knitting pocket

I sewed a little knitting pocket (for taking projects around) as a birthday present for a friend of mine. I really liked the method that I found here on gussysews.com. This may very well be the most commonly accepted method for sewing a zippered pouch, but I am too much of a novice sew-er to know if it is or not. I just thought it was neat! The zipper ends up fully enclosed between the outer fabric and the lining.

zip pouch 2

zip pouch 1

Making this little project really made me want to sew more. I don’t do it very much because it is so difficult to take everything out and put it all away every time. Plus, I am always worried about one of littlies getting a pin in the foot or mouth or pulling the iron over. I am considering moving Walter into Edda’s room and taking his room over as my new sewing area. Seriously considering. I just can’t decide if it would destroy all sleep forever, because sleep is something that I consider to be more precious than sewing.

About Jessi

I’m a busy homeschool mom who gets distracted by art projects and knitting.
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