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Baby love and the crochet madness.

I’ve been snuggling a sweet (but super spit-up-y) baby boy as much as I possibly can. But I’ve been squeezing in the knitting and crocheting and baking and sewing in the cracks… Here’s an update: I’ve crocheted a baby blanket, … Continue reading

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some crocheting and “big news”

I’m having a crochet revival of sorts. It’s really fun! Here is a potholder I made using a block from 200 crochet blocks (great book, by the way) and a simple brown square for the back. The yarn is Lily … Continue reading

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time got away from me.

I’m actually separated from the computer from which I usually do all my blogging, so I can’t post any photos. The lack of posts is not an indicator of lack of knitting, however. I have been knitting up a veritable … Continue reading

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oh no…

I think I have been bitten by the ballband dishcloth bug. It had to happen at some point. My mom and granny simultaneously cheer (because they know they will be recipients) while all my other friends shake their head in … Continue reading

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