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sassy, red slippers.

Felted Crochet Slippers Knit in Lion Brand Fisherman’s Wool Dyed with food coloring. Gifted to my sister-in-law. I, of course, wanted to keep them. But I didn’t. (ha)

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100th blog post!

Yes, my blog has reached it’s 100th post. Congrats, blog, for reaching such an important (I guess) milestone. Anyway, on to the real post. I finished some lovely, felted slippers for my mom. This is the second pair of slippers … Continue reading

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Some unblogged projects.

I made a really cute hedgehog toy for Edda for Christmas. He needs a name. Any suggestions? He’s perched amid some of Edda’s other presents. (The Plan Toys drum has been a big hit! No pun intended…) Also, I made … Continue reading

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A new sweater and a new word

I finished the sweater that I’ve been referring to as the “Robin’s Egg Sweater.” I realize that the name seems to suggest that the sweater has some kind of egg pattern on it, but at this point the name has … Continue reading

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