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Updates of all kinds.

Hi Readers. A few random updates from the last nine months or so: We sold our house and moved to a much bigger city. You guys, there are TWO yarn stores. In the same town as me. (Go ahead and … Continue reading

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at last!

We started homeschooling today! I’m a homeschooling mom. Book-loving Edda is super excited. Teach Your Child to Read in 100 Easy Lessons Edda’s first reading lesson went amazingly well. This is the same reading book my mom used for all … Continue reading

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baby lizards!!!

You’ll have to excuse me for a few moments while I indulge my inner animal-lover/crazy seven-year-old. (Technically you won’t have to, but I hope that you will.) I was digging away in my flowerbed this morning, planting petunias and dusty … Continue reading

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