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Updates of all kinds.

Hi Readers. A few random updates from the last nine months or so: We sold our house and moved to a much bigger city. You guys, there are TWO yarn stores. In the same town as me. (Go ahead and … Continue reading

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I can finally breathe. I am done with my exams. I will never have to take another math class. NEVER. I am so, so thrilled about this. The rest of this week will be pretty busy, but who cares? I … Continue reading

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new art and a lizard

I just discovered that I can upload a series of photos at the same time and do this little trick called “insert gallery” and it puts them all in nicely and neatly as you can see above. (click for full-size!) … Continue reading

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More knitting-art

The sort-of-latest installment in my series of “knitting art” that will eventually contain 12 pieces: Oil pastel and Brown Sheep Naturespun Sport, nothing fancy. (Unless by “fancy” you mean my skills with the x-acto blade which are quite fancy, indeed.)

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knitting meets art

I have been so slack in my posting… But oh well. I have been up to a lot of things. Tomorrow happens to be my 20th birthday, too. Fun times! For one of my art classes I have to do … Continue reading

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another FO… but out of clay.

a sample from my recently-completed advanced drawing class. (yay! school is over!) I call it “Composition at 8:20 pm.”

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