Pomme de pin is finished!

I hope to get some better photos on my real camera soon. For now, here is one I took on my phone and one Olivia took on my phone. Please pardon the awkward pose. I’m not good at posing.

my pomme de pin cardigan!


This sweater grew a LOT after blocking. I think it’s still wearable, but it’s definitely bigger than I wanted it to be. Oh well, I guess I should have blocked my gauge swatch. (I say that so often. I really need to remember next time.) It certainly is a warm and comfy sweater! I love wearing wool.

Pattern: Pomme de Pin Cardigan by Amy Christoffers
Yarn: Knit Picks Stroll Sport in “cobblestone heather”

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Tea Cosies (free pattern?)



I’m thinking of adding another free pattern to my blog… for tea cosies! They were pretty simple to make. The pot cover is knitted and the flower and leaf are crocheted. Anyone interested?

(I made these to sell at my parents’ tea room and didn’t think of taking decent pictures before they were sold. These pictures are from my phone.)

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A delicious applesauce cake.


Sundays are usually our “dessert day.” (Ok, Saturday, too.) We try not to bake or eat sweets during the week. This was our Sunday treat yesterday: cinnamon-chip applesauce cake with cream cheese frosting. I think it’s the perfect autumn dessert. The applesauce makes the cake very moist and helps keep it fresh for days.

I mostly followed the recipe from Smitten Kitchen. (How I love that blog. I have her book and it’s wonderful.) My only changes were using dark brown sugar instead of light brown sugar and substituting cinnamon chips for walnuts. I love walnuts but Edda despises nuts in baked goods. If you’ve never heard of cinnamon chips, you need to try them! I love them in banana bread, oatmeal cookies, muffins, scones, or just about anything else that would be good with some little cinnamon-flavored bits mixed in. (cinnamon chips link)


Edda insisted on sprinkling some extra chips on top for decoration. 🙂

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Pomme de pin update

I actually took this picture a few days ago, but forgot to post it. At this time, I have completed everything up to the last five rows of the button band. And then I’m done.
pomme de pin (in prog.)

It’s quite difficult to take photos of a charcoal-gray sweater indoors on a cloudy day. (hence the blurriness) At least, it is for me. I really need to learn more about my camera.

pomme de pin (in prog.)

If you check this out on my ravelry notebook, you’ll see that I started it on July 18th. That is not a mistake. This thing is just taking forever. Also, seaming was so hard! Haha. I’m a spoiled, seamless-knitting fan. It took me a while to figure out how to do the set-in sleeves. And graft the collar. I’m looking forward to it being finished and wearable because it looks like it will fit perfectly! I also have quite a long list of Christmas/baby gifts that I need to start ASAP.


Speaking of baby knitting… Big news! I’m getting a nephew in April! My husband’s brother and his wife are expecting their second baby. My sister-in-law, Janine, has a blog where she posts about her art and crafts. She’s an amazing friend AND a talented artist and writer!

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cooking a pumpkin (in the microwave!)


I was really excited to discover that small pumpkins can be cooked in the microwave! Simply remove the stem, cut the pumpkin in half and scrape out the strings/seeds. Then weigh one of the halves and microwave for 7 minutes per pound.

I microwaved mine with the cut side down so it could steam itself on the inside. (I do this with acorn squash, too.) Let it sit for a minute or so before checking for doneness. It keeps on cooking for a while after you take it out of the microwave. When it’s tender, scoop out the flesh and puree until very smooth.


I’ve used the blender and the food processor and I think the processor does a better job. But a blender works, too. 😉 You really can’t make it too smooth. Lumps are no good.


I got between 1-1/2 and 2 cups of puree from one sugar pie pumpkin. That’s about enough for one pie. If this seems like a lot of work for one pie’s worth of pumpkin puree… maybe you’ve never had a pie made from a fresh pumpkin. Haha.

Or you could always make muffins. Or pancakes. Or pumpkin pie oatmeal.

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Fall festival! Costumes!








We don’t celebrate Halloween, but this year the kids felt a little left out of all the costumes/candy festivities so we decided to take them to our YMCA’s fall festival. The festival had games, a costume contest, a bouncy castle, and candy. It was a very low-budget, small-town kind of thing, but Edda told me it was “THE MOST FUN EVER.” So I think she enjoyed herself, anyway.

I love how these pictures really capture Edda’s personality perfectly.

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New name, same blog.

Obviously, the name of my blog has changed. I have pretty, new layout, too. And I changed the “about” page. Everything else is the same, though! I felt like it was time for an update after 6+ years.

(In case you’re wondering, “renovata” is the Latin word for “renewed.”)

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